Your results decide your personality.

My journey as an “average” student.

New update

Through this post, I would like to talk about my journey with education and why I chose this field as a part of my Major project.


But, great at chemical experiments in the laboratory, love biology and can connect to history through movies. If yes, then you have landed on the right post. Because this post talks about the need for creative learning in education.

A little bit about my journey.

Understanding the topic a little better

Let’s have a look at my findings.

What is teaching?

  1. The occupation, profession, or work of a teacher

2. Ideas or principles taught by an authority.

In the literal sense, yes, teaching is a profession because we have teachers in schools. But for me, teaching is also about engagement and inspiration. Effective teaching focuses on the WHY and HOW and not on WHAT because that information can also be googled (which I just did)teaching is a form of sharing knowledge and you definitely do not need authority to do that. It comes in all forms from a poster in the bathroom saying wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, to parents teaching you to boil an egg. None of this involves a process, or an authority to drive it.

So why is teaching in schools so structured? Why does it have to be in a certain way and why is it the same for all when we are all differently built with different abilities?

What is learning?

Are learning and schooling the same thing?

What is creativity?

Many people associate creativity primarily with the arts, Music, drama, art, dance, literature, and the rest, which are often called ‘the creative arts’ and the associated fields are known as “creative industries”. The ‘creative arts’ are often contrasted with the sciences, which tend to be thought of as uncreative.

But for me, it is an outcome of imaginative activity. It involves the process of thinking and behaving, generating ideas, alternative solutions, defining identity, and collaborative activities. Creativity is in-built in every human and it is up to us how we recognize and utilize it. Unfortunately most of the time this gets lost in the curriculum and grading system and is not given equal weightage as the other subjects.

Creativity is not unique to the arts. It is equally fundamental to advances in the sciences, in mathematics, technology, in politics, business and in all areas of everyday life. (2021)

Creativity is possible in all areas of human activity, including the arts, sciences, at work, at play and in all other areas of daily life. All people have creative abilities and we all have them differently. When individuals find their creative strengths, it can have an enormous impact on self-esteem and on overall achievement. (2021)

Why did I think I was creative?

Looking back, I feel if I was creative why couldn’t I solve all those math problems? People just said maybe you are not good at it but I always felt that I never understood it. My brain could just not accept what has been told without giving it the liberty to understand why it is in a certain way.

Why did my friends think there were not creative?

Science, mathematics, technology, humanities, engineering — name any form of human intellectual activity or any activity that engages our intelligence, and it’s a scene of potential creative achievement. — Sir Ken Robinson

Bottom line -

Creativity is nice to have, But algebra is must have. — Schanzer, 2021

It’s time to change this, creative algebra should be the “new normal”


Through my major project, I would like to take education as my focus area and explore the realms of creative learning and how it can boost confidence in young children. I believe that creativity is inbuilt in everyone and the challenge lies in how we keep it alive and utilize it in our favor and the people around us. The first step to this is finding your inner creativity and as kids when they are taught a number of subjects, this could also be taught followed by embracing it. It needs to be given equal value and priority and not treated as a separate subject.


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