From we to “me”

Self-assessment is the time when you deliberately think about yourself, paying attention to your own thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors.

The time has come.

But now, it is time to ride solo. For this unit — proposal development, I have finally got a chance to select a subject of my choice and deliver an outcome. Time to reflect and learn from the past mistakes and makes sure I do not make the same ones again but find new ones ( mean it, I learn better from my mistakes)

The first week of the unit started with self-assessment which is basically analyzing where I am right now, where I want to be in the future and how do I plan to reach there.

3 simple questions and the storming begins. The best or the worst part is that it's about me and there is absolutely no need to do a round of intensive research. However, it was a difficult yet eye-opening assignment. I realized that while working in a team, it was easy to point fingers at what is not working and try to overcome that but, to recognize your own strengths and areas of improvement. Well.. it took some thinking.


The known — something that I am aware and confident about like sketching

The known-unknown — something that I know a little about but still requires polishing like critical thinking

The unknown-unknown — in simple words they are the skills which I haven’t even thought about, but I might discover with time.

For now, I just focused on the first 2.



Screenshot of the self-assessment activity for the entire class.

Why I learn from my classmate's self-assessment

My learnings

Until then a short reminder to whoever is reading this — Shine on you crazy diamond.



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