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After my last post, I deep-dived into the education system. I wanted to understand the trends, the reasons and how it is done today, and also some opinions of design educators.

Through this post, I will talk about the problem and a brief idea of the methodology, I would like to follow for this project.

Taking a systemic view

Figure 01 -System mapping

Figure 01, is my first iteration of the system map. Here I have tried to map out the existing players of the education ecosystem and have made some interconnections. The purpose of this map is to…

My journey as an “average” student.

New update

From the last few weeks, my focus has made a shift from Business Innovation to Education. Now, this does not mean that there was a change of heart or the topic became boring. But, there are way too many opportunities for problem-solving out there and as a designer, I would like to take some of these opportunities as “no problem is a small problem”. I got a chance to work with the Design Club as a part of my major project and I grabbed it.

Through this post, I would like to talk about…



In the last blog (Injecting service design capabilities into business innovation.), I reasoned out my choice of topic for the major project unit. To give you a little recap on a higher level, How can Service design contribute to Business and innovation and a few potential areas of interest being -

Ups-killing — the new form of business innovation

Understanding post-pandemic business model

Business model innovation for circular economy

Through this blog, I would like to talk about the methodology that I plan to follow to achieve an outcome.

Since then, I have been reading up on innovation and…

Speculative design as part of design futures project

Image by Markus Winkler — The year 2030


This blog was developed for the MA Service Design program as a part Design Futures unit. The project was alongside Southwark Council addressing the topic of Climate Emergency.

As a team of 3 Service Designers, we set out to understand the world of energy and construction as our focus area to generate an evidence-based future, that takes into account both the constraints and the opportunities. To arrive at our insights, we leveraged upon various tools of design fiction and futuring, adapted Research Through Design as our approach, speculated some future scenarios as…

It is the second week of the proposal development unit, and it is time to disclose the topic I would like to work on for the next 6 months of my program.

And this is the status of my thoughts LITERALLY, not even kidding.

Image from Freepik

As a ‘designer’, I would like to solve all kinds of problems because that’s what I have been learning about. “No problem is a small problem” so don’t be bias. …

The making and re-making.

Finding a balance between what can be and what should be

Design Fiction is a technique pioneered by the Near Future Laboratory which helps explore, understand and ultimately prepare for the future. Design Fiction works by presenting slightly skewed versions of normality in order to provoke debate and discussion (Near Future Laboratory Shop, 2021)

To spark the questions around larger conversations regarding energy efficiency and carbon neutralization, we set about to create some tangible artifacts from the near future. We spoke to the people on the streets to understand their opinions and thoughts from the future and what are their fears regarding the same. We were fascinated…

Recognizing the impact of how we design.

I have been a “designer” for the last couple of years, where rolling out projects and meeting deadlines had become an integral part of my daily routine so much so that I forgot to zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

The pandemic allowed me to do this and I used this break to reflect and re-assess my approach towards the way I design.

I worked primarily in the digital space. The recent years have been mostly about removing friction in adoption and conversion. I learned to design to reduce cognitive load…

Self-assessment is the time when you deliberately think about yourself, paying attention to your own thoughts, emotions, decisions, and behaviors.

The time has come.

The first 7 months of my course — MA Service Design at UAL have been in teams and on teams (literally). In the past 7 months, I learned about working in a Multi-culture team, understanding team dynamics, and creating a balance between all the team members so that everyone is heard and considered. We divided work, collaborated over ideas, had some serious arguments, and learned from each other. …

How might we spark a conversation?

Global Trends and Changing Paradigms

To design the future, it was important for us to understand the present and that’s how we began. We did an in-depth horizon scanning for the project, to understand the topic from various perspectives. This exercise helped us collect and analyze a significant amount of data in terms of information and trends. Parallelly, we populated our future world map. …

Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about our future?

“Things may seem out of control but they are not out of our hands”, In the bubble by John Thackara

Let’s break this sentence, the first part, we all know and we all can see it happen currently (yes, I am addressing the elephant in the room — COVID 19) and the latter half gives me some hope. Hope to think about a future without masks, hope to fulfill my wish to dive with whales, hope that the color green does not slowly get erased from our planet.

So I stay…

dixita patel

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